Malta Historical Fencing Association

Malta Bartitsu Seminar 2013


On Saturday, 21st September and Sunday, 22nd September 2013, the Malta Maritime Museum hosted the first Malta Bartitsu Seminar organized by the Malta Historical Fencing Association and Bujinkan Malta. Participants were given a two-day primer to the Victorian self-defence techniques of Bartitsu by Professor Mark P. Donnelly.

Bartitsu was the first martial art system which combined eastern and western styles. Originally intended for the use of gentlemen and ladies in self defence, the system was largely forgotten when the original Bartitsu club closed down in 1902, but is currently going through a revival as more historians and martial artists are taking up its research, reconstruction, and practice.

This seminar was the first time Bartitsu was practiced in the Maltese islands. The event was well attended and all the participants showed great enthusiasm in the practice.

We would like to thank everyone who took part, as well as the instructor, for the great weekend.

You can find photos of the seminar here.

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Posted on September 26, 2013