Malta Historical Fencing Association

MHFA at the Maltacomics Statue and Figure Expo 2014


On Saturday 1st November, MHFA President and Instructor Andrei Xuereb gave a lecture titled “Fantasy vs Reality – A comparative lecture and demonstration about combat with swords and other edged weapons as used in fiction and history” at the Mediterranean Conference Centre as part of the Maltacomics Statue & Figure Expo.

The lecture covered the symbolic meaning of the sword, the use of longswords, sideswords, rapiers, pole weapons and unarmed combat, as well as the practical problems with certain fantasy weapon designs and some of the more unusual real-world weapons and techniques which might not seem out of place in a work of fiction.

The objective of this lecture was to educate the audience about the available historical resources, both for their general knowledge and to inspire writers and artists to enrich their works.

We would like to thank the attendees for their interest and their warm reception of the lecture, and to the organizers and crew of the Malta Comic Expo for inviting us to participate in their event. It was an extremely varied and colourful event, as well as a unique opportunity to meet so many talented and creative people.

You can see more photos from this event on our Facebook gallery.

Posted on November 1, 2014