Malta Historical Fencing Association


Founded in 2009 and launched to the public in 2011, The Malta Historical Fencing Association was set up to further the study, research and practice of Historical Fencing, and the rediscovery of the European martial arts traditions that were practiced in the Maltese islands through the ages.

We are an independent structure, with our own methods of practice and research. We encourage free thought among our members, and the free exchange and discussion of ideas in general; it is understood that rigid, dogmatic systems and secretive hoarding of knowledge run contrary to the spirit of learning and personal growth, both for the association as a whole, as well as for individuals.

Our methods of practice encourage members to experiment under the guidance of more experienced practitioners and instructors while staying as true as possible to the proven historical methods of fighting systems found in manuscripts of fencing masters of the past.

The MHFA represents practitioners of Historical Fencing who practice this discipline as a martial art. The MHFA DOES NOT practice re-enactments in costume, sport fencing, stage-fighting for theater or film, or oriental martial arts. However, the MHFA does not preclude individual members from participating in such activities in any way. MFHA instructors are often requested to act as consultants in any of the mentioned activities to demonstrate the proper historical manner a certain weapon would have been used and any body mechanics involved in that particular weapon.

In order to always get the best knowledge possible to pass on to our members, our senior instructors consult, study and train with the best researchers and teachers in Historical Fencing around the world. It is a goal of the MHFA to create cultural exchanges with other Historical Fencing associations around the world and build a network of dialogue and sharing of knowledge, which will further enrich our understanding of our shared martial heritage.

It is our intention to ensure, as far as is practicable, the availability of experienced instructors in the art of historical fencing; and to increase public awareness and understanding of historical fencing through exhibitions, seminars, lectures, and similar programs, that this art may not be forgotten and lost once more.

You can watch a demonstration of our practice on our youtube channel.

The study of Historical Fencing as a martial art in Malta started in 2005 when Andrei Xuereb founded Mithras Sword Fight Club, and started researching methods and teachers from whom he could further his studies. Mithras Sword Fight Club is now the official sala d’armi of the Malta Historical Fencing Association (MHFA).