Apart from our regular classes, we host or participate in a number of activities with other groups to make the public aware of historical fencing and to share our study with people interested in swords or history.

All our public activities are announced on our Facebook page, so if you are interested in visiting us or joining us for a future event, please !

Below are some examples of the activities we participate in. If you are interested in any of the below, or have some other ideas, kindly contact us here - we would love to collaborate with you!

Taster Classes

We hold taster classes for small groups (up to 12 people) where we go over the basic techniques for one or two of the weapons in our curriculum. These classes are normally two to three hours long, although the duration and content are by arrangement with the organizer.

Taster classes have been held as team building activities, competition prizes, and even as birthday gifts.

If you would like to discuss arrangements for a taster class, please contact us!

Lectures and seminars

As part of our mission to bring a greater awareness of the beauty of historical fencing to the public, we sometimes participate in lectures, talks, and presentations to provide more information which cannot be imparted by demonstration alone. That said, most of our talks have included live demonstrations; there's nothing quite like seeing something in action!

In our lectures, we focus on a specific aspect of our research; for example, a specific subset of weapons, or the context of their use.

If you are hosting an event and would like to arrange for a talk, kindly contact us here.

Public Demonstrations for Culture or Charity

We are always happy to help with any activities that promote charitable or worthy causes, or awareness for health or sport related issues. When we participate in such events, we normally hold live sparring demonstrations and keep a weapon display table where the public may look at the weapons up close, and ask questions to our members there.

If you are hosting an event and would like to arrange for a demonstration, kindly contact us here.

Workshops by guest teachers

Historical Martial Arts are a vast field, so there are many areas which we are either unfamiliar with or are still in the process of exploring. In order to gain a better understanding of these aspects of our discipline, we frequently travel to international meetings, but we occasionally invite an experienced instructor to conduct a workshop.

Since these workshops are usually introductions to a discipline, they are typically open to the public and we invite members of other martial arts groups and interested people to participate.

For announcements about any workshop we are organising, please !

Annual International Meeting

Every year we organise a three day event for fencers from all over the globe. This has become our flagship event and is regarded as one of the best in Europe.

For this event we invite teachers from different groups and countries to give classes in various weapons styles. We organise cultural visits and lectures for our participants as well as social events in the evenings.

Although this event is only open for fencers and not for the general public we have been getting participants for big array of countries, choosing Malta as their favourite destination to fence and enjoy a holiday.

Interested? Join us now!