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Historical Fencing

Federazione Italiana di Scherma Antica e Storica (FISAS) – The Italian historical fencing federation is an organisation devoted to the practice and research of traditional Italian weapon techniques. (Italy)

Accademia di Scherma Tradizionale Manuela Lecchi – The fencing academy of Maestro d’Armi Andrea Lupo Sinclair, Technical Director and founder of FISAS .

British Federation for Historical Swordplay (BFHS) – An umbrella organization for schools practicing Western martial arts in Great Britain. (UK)

Asociacion Espanola de Esgrima Antigua (AEEA) – The Spanish association for Historical Fencing founded by Alberto Bomprezzi research and practice the Spanish traditional martial heritage. (Spain)

Macdonald Academy of Arms – Maestro Paul Macdonald’s fencing school, teaching small sword and back sword. Maestro Macdonald is also a highly skilled sword maker. (UK- Scotland)

The Sussex Sword Academy practices a number of weapons with particular attention to the rapier and the backsword. Led by instructor Andrew Feest, who was one of the founding members of the BFHS. (UK)

The 1595 – The 1595 Club is a school run by instructor Chris Chatfield, where the main focus of their work is inspired by the works of Italian master Vincentio Saviolo who taught in England and wrote his treatise in 1595. (UK)

Sala d’Arme FISAS of Milan – The ‘Frates in Enses’ is one of the first FISAS schools founded by Maestro Lupo Sinclair in 1994. (Italy)

Sala d’Arme FISAS of Padova – The ‘Nicoletto Giganti’ is the FISAS school in the vicinity of Padova. (Italy)

The Renaissance Sword Club – The Renaissance Sword Club is led by instructor Rob Runacres and practices Rapier, Sidesword, and other Renaissance weapons. (UK)

Razmafzar – The project of “Historical fencing and traditional Persian martial arts” deals with reviving the fighting techniques of Persian warriors based on an authentic and academic analysis of techniques described in Persian manuscripts from different time periods. (DE)


HROARR – Hroarr is an independent, neutral meeting ground and resource site dedicated to the Historical European Martial Arts community.

Other Organizations

Heritage Malta – Heritage Malta manages and maintains sites of historical significance around the Maltese Islands. (Malta)