Classes in various weapons and styles will be held in Fort St. Angelo through the weekend.

All classes will be held twice, so you can make your own programme without missing any classes you would like to take! Please refer to the list of instructors for more information.


As part of our mission to explore and expand the knowledge around the field of historical martial arts, each year we invite a guest speaker to discuss some aspect of the arts or the environment surrounding them. Lectures in past years have included subjects as diverse as Malta's Corsair industry, the biomechanics of fencing, metallurgy, the martial training of the Knights Hospitaller, and ancient methods for the treatment of combat wounds.

This year's lecture, entitled “Kernoozers and Antiquarian Antagonistics: an historical overview of the first generation of ‘Historical Fencers’ and how we all ended up here.” will be delivered by Mark P. Donnelly, and focus on the emergence of the study of Historical European combat studies at the turn of the 20th century.

Gala dinner

For this year's gala dinner we return to the Black Pearl, a 1909 schooner that has been lovingly restored and converted into a restaurant. The ship is solidly grounded so there is no need to worry about sea-sickness, although the urge to go full pirate is a different story!

Kindly note that the gala dinner is a black tie event. The price of the gala dinner is already included in the registration fee for participants, but there will be an additional charge for other guests.

Evening Outings

After classes, there will be plenty of time to hang out and socialise with the other participants!

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